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Chinese Hot Pot - Chongqing Liuyishou Restaurant - Nasr Square Deira Dubai
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Hotpot haunt in Nasr Square, Deira that’s totally worth the hunt.

The last time I truly enjoyed Chinese hotpot was three years ago on Baniyas Road. Despite its worn walls and tired décor, Xiao Wei Yang assures the sort of eccentric experience that has made it a widely known ‘secret’ for … Continue reading

Minced chicken and seafood in tomyum broth Roast duck with egg noodles -  - Little Bangkok - Thai Restaurant - Oud Metha Dubai
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Finally, more pocket-friendly ways to fix that Thai Curry craving.

  A spectacular serving of pineapple fried rice trumped the list of dishes that I’ve consumed over the past two weeks. Every grain was plumped up with the sort of savoury curry flavour that makes you salivate just thinking about it, with … Continue reading

Making ataif - Lets Talk Food Dubai - Cooking Class - Iftar Ramadan - Dubai
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Stepping into a Palestinian-Jordanian home for Iftar.

Ramadan is that holy time when we take a small step closer to the lives of those who are less fortunate. We experience their hunger, their fatigue, their daily struggle for the things we take for granted. And in turn, … Continue reading

Mechot Restaurant - Ethiopian - Naif Frij Murar Baraha - Dubai
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An Ethiopian stew with the power to make you lust after lentils.

A neighbourhood worthy of some serious exploration is Naif. I might have made a similar proclamation two years ago, and I still stand by those words. If Naif was not such a constantly choked drainpipe of an area and so outrageously male-dominated, … Continue reading

Ramadan - Iftar - Old Dubai - An Alternative Buffet
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In Photos: Dubai’s Alternative Iftar Buffet.

Since every Iftar advertisement talks about giving you the true spirit of Ramadan, I wandered out on the first evening of the Holy Month to better understand what that spirit really was. Here it is in photos, courtesy of the people who really endure the … Continue reading

Balaleet - Jawareh Traditional Restaurant - Emirati food - Qusais - Dubai
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Popular Emirati dishes served up in a dusty overlooked corner of Qusais.

I escape the blinding rays of an urban desert sun and falter into the hushed, dimly lit restaurant. Dazed, burnt, colour-blind. A few faces hover around the waiting area, all men, one familiar, two unfamiliar peering out of a pitch-black kitchen window. … Continue reading

Lamb chops - Al Dimyati & Iskandaron Restaurant - Karama - Dubai - Arabic food
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The lamb chops you should have been eating for the past 30 years.

Scratch your dinner plans tonight and try the lamb chops in Karama. SMOKY and BUTTERY are two of the most overused words when it comes to describing grilled meat. After trying the ones at Karama-born Dimyati, I’ll be wary about … Continue reading

Moroccan Meat and Plum Tagine - Musaharati Restaurant - Garhoud - Dubai
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The proof a tagine is in the gravy.

And the smoky den that chooses to call itself Musaharati, after the early morning suhoor callers during Ramadan in the Arab world, sure knows how to put out one hell of a gravied-up tagine. In the eclectic mess of dishes that is only partially … Continue reading