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Ramadan - Iftar - Old Dubai - An Alternative Buffet
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In Photos: Dubai’s Alternative Iftar Buffet.

Since every Iftar advertisement talks about giving you the true spirit of Ramadan, I wandered out on the first evening of the Holy Month to better understand what that spirit really was. Here it is in photos, courtesy of the people who really endure the … Continue reading

Balaleet - Jawareh Traditional Restaurant - Emirati food - Qusais - Dubai
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Popular Emirati dishes served up in a dusty overlooked corner of Qusais.

I escape the blinding rays of an urban desert sun and falter into the hushed, dimly lit restaurant. Dazed, burnt, colour-blind. A few faces hover around the waiting area, all men, one familiar, two unfamiliar peering out of a pitch-black kitchen window. … Continue reading

Lamb chops - Al Dimyati & Iskandaron Restaurant - Karama - Dubai - Arabic food
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The lamb chops you should have been eating for the past 30 years.

Scratch your dinner plans tonight and try the lamb chops in Karama. SMOKY and BUTTERY are two of the most overused words when it comes to describing grilled meat. After trying the ones at Karama-born Dimyati, I’ll be wary about … Continue reading

Moroccan Meat and Plum Tagine - Musaharati Restaurant - Garhoud - Dubai
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The proof a tagine is in the gravy.

And the smoky den that chooses to call itself Musaharati, after the early morning suhoor callers during Ramadan in the Arab world, sure knows how to put out one hell of a gravied-up tagine. In the eclectic mess of dishes that is only partially … Continue reading

Greenheart Organic Farms - Dubai / Fujairah - Airspectiv Media
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Care for local, organic, farm-fresh? Then visit a farm.

Photography credits for this post: The sharp-shooter Sheban at Airspectiv Media.  When someone brands their products as local, organic and farm-fresh, I do not question them. This arises out of my colossal ignorance of what questions to ask. I know … Continue reading

Chacha making fresh Jalebi - Imdad Sweets - Naif - Deira Dubai
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The crunchiest Jalebi you can find in Dubai.

Your body is not happy, that’s why you keep falling ill. You’re not feeding it enough…Soul Food. Hm. Now there was a theory. It was not the lack of water, nor my negligence of multi-vitamins, nor my lack of sleep. … Continue reading

Mahesh Lunch Home - Dubai
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If you don’t like seafood, try Mahesh.

Potson and I have been eagerly awaiting the opening of Mahesh Lunch Home, a Mangalorean seafood stalwart with its commercial fingers dipped into five different spots across Mumbai. Kudos to Potson who lugged himself over for lunch, despite having stabbed … Continue reading