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Beetroot with marinated onions and pine nuts and thyme - Dima Sharif at Book Munch Cafe
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When lentils, nuts and olive oil are not just food, but stories of Palestine.

I stopped blogging about food events a while ago. They simply stopped inspiring me. I wasn’t learning much and other than a fun social event, I’d walk away with a belly full and a soul untouched. Finally, an event last … Continue reading

Beriani Esfahan - Deira Dubai Restaurant
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The Isfahani Biryani that spanks the rice out of all others.

One of the many eternal food questions in Dubai is where to get the best biryani. Fat boulders of lamb, chicken or even tender fish fillet baked under spiced rice has won over the collective food conscience of this culturally … Continue reading

Lomi Special - Delmon Restaurant - Filipino Food in Karama Dubai
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Jump starting my Filipino food quest with Adobo Manok and soupy Lomi at Delmon, Karama.

Remember that time when I first ventured into Filipino food and vowed to start exploring it with a vengeance? Well, as is evident from my blog – a blog has grown from a healthy fire-breathing dragon to a wheezing donkey with its bony … Continue reading

Onion Vada - Woodlands Karama - Dubai
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Over 30 years of killer Vada Sambar at Woodlands, Karama.

With a 32 year history in Dubai, Woodlands has a cult following. This tiny Karama kitchen knows how to dole out a crisp dosa, tender chapatis, heart-warming sambar, and crunchy vadas that are so perfectly deep-fried that you’d want to … Continue reading

Homemade chocolate ice cream - David Lebovitz's recipe
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The munchies that elbowed their way in between tubs of homemade ice cream.

Folks, I’d like to announce the birth of my ice cream machine. It’s the most beautiful and productive being in my kitchen, and even though I’m no ice-cream fanatic, there’s something magical about the process of transforming chocolate and cream … Continue reading

Salahuddin Egg and Ka'ak Sandwich - Amman Jordan
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Why hasn’t this blissfully simple egg-and-cheese concept hatched in Dubai yet?

To every kind soul who prayed for my friend after reading my plea last week, I cannot thank you enough. It meant the world to me to see wishes flooding in from everywhere. Sadly, life doesn’t always turn out as … Continue reading

Simit and Tahina Pastry - Zurna - Turkish Restaurant Dubai
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A Glutton’s Guide: How to Cheat on Your Diet in Dubai.

If you were looking for ways to sneak off of a self-imposed diet, let me help you. You could wind your way into the alleys of Abu Hail and grab some Moroccan treats at Marrakesh Bakery. Live a little more … Continue reading

Nihari and Kulcha - Ballimaran Dilli Restaurant - Karama Dubai
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Sheermal Kabab at Karama’s tiny Lucknowi outpost: Ballimaran Dilli

There’s something so seductive about sweet-salty foods. Salty caramel. Icing sugared  Moroccan chicken bastilla. Meaty kababs slathered over milky sweet sheermal bread >> Let’s admit it. The swampy mush of a dish looks like it’s already been ravaged by someone … Continue reading

Cubano - Cafe Habana - Cuban Restaurant - Dubai
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NYC’s latest gift to Dubai: Cheesy grilled corn and beef-smacked Cubano sammies at Cafe Habana.

In case you think I’m this little weasel who wanders about the lone alleyways of Old Dubai in search of her grub, you’re probably…spot on. But there are times when I venture across the bridge because (a) I’m likely not … Continue reading