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bakefest leftover plate_2
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SO much sugar at Bakefest that I had sugar burns creep up my back.

You know that feeling when you’ve had way, way, WAY too much sugar or chocolate or caffeine, and this crazy burning sensation starts inching up your back and around your neck?  Or is that just me?  It may just be … Continue reading

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[Double-meaning perverted male culprits out there who’re snickering at my post title, stop that thought process right THERE. This is just a foodblog remember?] Anyhoo, let me present to you my super scientific taxonomy for bread… The Crispy and Crunchy. … Continue reading

choco'a macarons
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The Big Fat Chocolate Wedding Plan. Episode 2

I’m back. And ready to lay out the rest of my chocolate wedding plan inspired by ChoCo’a’s edible designs at the Abu Dhabi Bridal Show. If you have no clue what I’m talking about, and if you’re one of those … Continue reading

ChoCo'a's creations for the Abu Dhabi bridal show 2011
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I’ve decided, I’m having a chocolate wedding. Will you marry me?

I saw something this past Saturday that made me rethink my wedding entirely. [Mom, and the two hundred Indian aunties out there who I know, and don’t know – but who are convinced that they’ve rocked me to sleep when … Continue reading

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Al Ammor. Serving up Egyptian comfort foods that call out to the little girl in me.

A mournful note on 31.08.2013: Al Ammor – all three branches of it in Abu Hail – has shut its doors this past week. You can get your koshari and feteer fix at their branch in Karama, but nothing will … Continue reading

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Alice in Bakeland. Premiering at the Wild Peeta Bakefest.

I really did feel like Alice, wide-eyed and slightly nervous and terribly curious and horribly fidgety, wanting to run a finger through those chutneys and nibble at the cakes and snap a cookie right down its sugary center. All that, while … Continue reading