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Stir-fry noodles with beef at Lan Zhou Noodle Restaurant - International City - Dubai
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Hand-Pulled Lan Zhou Noodles in International City.

In the land of the tallest, flashiest, fanciest, most expensive – Dubai is ironically sitting silent on one of the biggest records of all time. We have the largest unplanned yet confusingly intricate labyrinth in the world. A maze that … Continue reading

Plate of lamb bao and veggie bao - Nihal Chinese Restaurant - Jumeirah Dubai
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BREAKING NEWS: Gobsmacking Fried Lamb Bao found in Dubai.

Bao are those pudgy little Chinese bun-babies that my tastebuds have always squealed over. I hunted down chicken ones at Chinatown in Malaysia, only to tear my hair out by the end because every corner restaurant had run out of … Continue reading

Sek Yuen's Ginger chicken and a tall glass of cool black tea
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The Best Chinese Ginger Chicken I Have Ever Had.

I stood there lost in thought at Bukit Bintang.  I was divided about whether to board the metro to Pudu or to scrap the plan altogether. Twenty two hours earlier, I had tried to make the very same journey. My … Continue reading

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Too many cooks spoil the broth?

Nonsense. I think our group of fabulous foodies worked this Chinese hot pot broth with the skill you’d see in a troupe of synchronized swimmers. Maybe with a bit more of a splash around. Hot pot broth at Xiao Wei … Continue reading

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A place called ‘Yum!’

Yum! was not really on my restaurant ‘must-try’ list. Restaurants with exclamation marks in their names or gimmicky-sounding unoriginal names usually turn me off. But reservations aside (pun unintended), I agreed to try this place when a friend suggested that … Continue reading