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zaatar with cheese manakish 3-1
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If I had only one morning left in Dubai, I would eat…

…a za’atar with cheese manosheeh. Not just any manoosheh of course, but one from the Lebanese chain called Breakfast To Breakfast. To me, the name ”Breakfast To Breakfast” reeks of something gimmicky, chainy, dull, totally mass produced, undifferentiated. Luckily, a … Continue reading

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Fried chicken and condensed milk

You know those crumbs that get left behind on your plate after you’ve eaten something deep-fried, like hash browns for instance, or thick-cut and battered onion rings? Those minute little grenades of pent-up deep-fried flavour that represent the crispiest edges … Continue reading

Fish biryani2-1
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Spicy Venue set my tongue ablaze…and I still crawled back to beg for more.

The name says it all – ‘Spice wimps, Beware.’ Andhra food can be some of the spiciest fare that you’d find across India, and Spicy Venue does full justice to tongue-burning tradition by serving up raw, unadulterated spice guaranteed to … Continue reading

Dahi puri
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Braving the storm with mouthfuls of chaat .

I’ve made many a trip to India as I was growing up. And on every one of those trips, every single one, I’ve had a serious bout of food poisoning. It’s like a standard travel procedure – check-in, board, fly, … Continue reading

garlic chutneys-1
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Dosas at Chutneys in Hyderabad

I love dosas. There’s something about how South Indians ladle out fermented rice and lentil batter and grill it up till brown and crispy that totally rocks my world. I love dosas in all their inifinite forms. The gigantic two … Continue reading

Tango el diablo 2
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Continuing our weekend of indulgence in Seattle (part 3)

As promised in my previous post, here’s the download on my Saturday night dinner at Tango, a Spanish tapas restaurant that’s on the border of Capitol Hill and downtown Seattle. I walked in dressed super casually, in jeans and some … Continue reading

Kingfish cafe Seattle
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Weekend of indulgence: Cuban sandwiches, icecream, fried chicken, strawberry shortcake…

My weekend in Seattle was, excuse my French, a massive eating orgy. With my host-friend who knows a ton about food and the best local haunts, we crammed in as many awesome places as we could, with just enough travel … Continue reading

Penang Roti Canai thumbnail
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Lunch at our college-favourite Malaysian haunt: Penang in Philly’s Chinatown

No matter that I hadn’t made it to the countless cheese steak joints, pizza parlours, and ethnic food trucks on campus. Reunion events and catching up with friends had made my food-a-thon down Philly’s memory lane practically impossible. But one … Continue reading

Crunchy pecan and streusel-studded crust under a sheath of snowy sugar
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Kicking off alumni reunion weekend with cookies and French toast, courtesy family chefs at Cornerstone Bed & Breakfast, Philly

Even though my last couple of posts have been totally NYC-centric, the real purpose behind my visit to the US is not, contrary to what most of you may think, excessive gorging at as many new places in NYC as … Continue reading

Shrimp appetizer
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Hello Bluefields’ ox-tail curry. Where have you been all my life?

October 2010 Tragic Note: Bluefields is now SHUT. *disbelief* *shock* *choke* *breaks out into crazy inconsolable wailing fit*…If you want to know what a gem of a place Dubai has lost, then continue reading my original post: You know you’ve … Continue reading