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Mechot Restaurant - Ethiopian - Naif Frij Murar Baraha - Dubai
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An Ethiopian stew with the power to make you lust after lentils.

A neighbourhood worthy of some serious exploration is Naif. I might have made a similar proclamation two years ago, and I still stand by those words. If Naif was not such a constantly choked drainpipe of an area and so outrageously male-dominated, … Continue reading

Chacha making fresh Jalebi - Imdad Sweets - Naif - Deira Dubai
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The crunchiest Jalebi you can find in Dubai.

Your body is not happy, that’s why you keep falling ill. You’re not feeding it enough…Soul Food. Hm. Now there was a theory. It was not the lack of water, nor my negligence of multi-vitamins, nor my lack of sleep. … Continue reading

Palestinian Musakhan - Zahrat Al Quds - Palestinian and Jordanian Restaurant Dubai
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Palestinian Oniony Chicken Pie in Hor Al Anz that was Out. Of. Control.

Check this out. THIS is the sort of onion-latticed bread and chicken MEGA bullet I want shooting right through my mouth. Let me introduce you to the Palestinian Musakhan I met last week at a Palestinian resto that recently popped up in … Continue reading

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Putting shawarma on the back-burner for UAE National Day, and eating at Al Mallas instead.

Did you eat hummus to celebrate UAE National Day? Maybe falafels? Or mandi? Or shawarma? Well, that’s all yummy enough. But none of them are really Emirati. Here’s one of the few places where you could have really tasted true … Continue reading

Manisha's Kitchen - Maharashtrian Restaurant - Karama Dubai
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Maharashtrian mountain memories at Manisha’s Kitchen

I’m not sure what’s driving the new Maharashtrian food trend in town, but heck, I’m happy. India has so many sub-pockets of culture and cuisine beyond chicken tikka masala [which we’ve donated to Britain anyway] and saag paneer, that it’s … Continue reading

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Confucius say: if you drown at China Sea, you become fat.

We all ate like little big fat piggies at China Sea last week. Six people at the table, twelve dishes, bucketloads of soy sauce, and bellies that had stretched past the point where popping a button or doing a quarter-pull … Continue reading

Mandi at Al Tawasol
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Chicken and rice that’s worth cheating for.

I confess I’ve romped about with many a plate of chicken and rice. Growing up in Dubai, I’d come across my fair share of chicken biryani, though I’ve always looked at it with a certain sort of contempt – mutton … Continue reading

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Why would you go to a place called the African Restaurant?

Because it’s one of those rare super authentic places serving up…in case it wasn’t spankingly obvious…African food. East African food to be precise. Because I can bet dinner last night wasn’t half as exotic as what matooke sounds like. When … Continue reading

Behari kababs at Daily Restaurant Dubai
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After years of eating kababs, I finally ate The Kabab.

It’s not easy being a foodie. Even less so if you’re a food blogger. Everyone and their uncle suddenly feels like I should know about their favorite little restaurant in town. If I don’t, then I get the look of … Continue reading

Bombil Fry at Eric's Restaurant Dubai
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A Restaurant Called Eric’s.

If someone told me about a restaurant called Eric’s, I’d expect to be walking into a joint that served American style burgers and fries. Or maybe I’d expect a 24/7 diner dishing out tall smoothies and grilled cheese sammies. Or … Continue reading