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Hyderabadi Mutton Biryani - Anmol Hyderabadi Restaurant Dubai
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Midnight Biryani Run in Hor Al Anz

There’s an area in Deira which is a GOLDMINE of Indian and Pakistani restaurants. It’s called Hor Al Anz, and it’s not the same as Hor Al Anz East. Let me explain this very critical difference. If you were assaulted … Continue reading

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Buttery Afghani Dal in Deira’s Naif Square

I recently met someone who walks through the city like I do. Where most people would have cursed me for dragging them into Naif Square for Afghani kababs without decent directions (mostly because I didn’t have a clue where the … Continue reading

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The Koki you can find if you peek into an alley of Meena Bazaar.

My mother once told me of a paratha that my cousin would bring home on Fridays. Early in the morning for breakfast, with the notoriously luscious baigan bhartha, an Indian gravy of eggplants charred and pulped to a cream that … Continue reading

Masgouf-Al Bait Al Baghdadi Restaurant Iraqi Dubai
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If Iraqi Masqouf isn’t on your must-eats list, it damn well should be. But read this first.

Iraqi Masqouf (or Masgouf) is one of those unique, exotic foods you just have to try in the city. It may not be the most spectacular fish I’ve eaten over the decades, but it’s definitely an experience that I’d recommend to … Continue reading

FryingPan's Taste Expectations Chart
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Machboos, Dosa, and Disco Tea. Plotted on the Oversimplified Food Experience Graph.

You’d think that my life is all about Oscar-winning food experiences. You’d think that I have fabled fish curries and epic meatballs* wherever I go. You’d think that the chefs just know when there’s a fryingpan in their midst, and pull magic … Continue reading

Lumpia Sariwa - Kabalen Filipino Restaurant in Dubai
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What’s your excuse for not trying Filipino food?

Fact A: My parents moved to Sharjah in the mid 70’s, so pretty much all my soggy diaper years, and the subsequent nerdy high school years after, were spent in this country. Fact B: According to the 2009 Report on … Continue reading

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Ever tried Anda Parotta from that tea stall around the corner?

How many times have you walked past those teeny cafeterias on the road and thought, ‘yech. I’d NEVER go in there.’ or ‘hmmm…could be good, but not worth risking my tummy.’ or ‘a place of the workers, for the workers, … Continue reading

Bundu Khan Kababs Dubai
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Shut for lunch on Mondays? Fine. I’m headed to Bundu Khan’s for kababs.

Restaurants in this country really do confound me. They’re open one day, and all boarded up the next. A press release might have announced a cultural culinary event at a restaurant, but no one, save maybe the chef  [IF you’re … Continue reading

Redbox Ghusais Dubai - sri lankan food
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The Crying Pan’s guide to Sri Lankan food at Redbox, Ghusais.

People, I CAN talk about topics other than food. I swear. I really, truly can. Mom has blamed me in the past for boring people to bits with my kabab and curry chatter – but it wasn’t me mamma, I’m … Continue reading

Wajda Morrocain Restaurant Dubai
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A Chicken Tagine that simmers deep within Hor Al Anz.

I’ve made four trips to Hor Al Anz since I moved back last year: Trip #1: Single minded purpose to hunt out Al Ammor for koshari and feteer. Hor Al Anz was a maze – I don’t remember any of … Continue reading

Zagol Ethiopian Restaurant Dubai
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Anyone out there found yummy Ethiopian food?

After last time’s experimental attempt at Egyptian food, you’d think I was done with playing Russian Roulette at ethnic restaurants for at least a week. But when I spotted Zagol in Karama, I HAD to walk in. Zagol had that … Continue reading