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Fish biryani2-1
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Spicy Venue set my tongue ablaze…and I still crawled back to beg for more.

The name says it all – ‘Spice wimps, Beware.’ Andhra food can be some of the spiciest fare that you’d find across India, and Spicy Venue does full justice to tongue-burning tradition by serving up raw, unadulterated spice guaranteed to … Continue reading

Awesome wholesome salad4
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Takes a lot to arouse the hater in me, but N Grill did it with ease.

The title suggests that I had a not-so-great experience at N Grill in Hyderabad. Understatement. The experience was positively traumatic. Rather than waste words on describing the ambiance or the context or other less relevant details, I’m going to pen … Continue reading

Dahi puri
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Braving the storm with mouthfuls of chaat .

I’ve made many a trip to India as I was growing up. And on every one of those trips, every single one, I’ve had a serious bout of food poisoning. It’s like a standard travel procedure – check-in, board, fly, … Continue reading

Angeethi Buffet
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Buffets are boring, but I’d stifle my yawns for the one at Angeethi.

Jack of all flavors, master of none. That’s what I feel about all-you-can-eat buffets.. I end up gorging on everything indiscriminately, with complete disregard for what would have been the choicest picks on the à la carte menu, all for … Continue reading

chicken tangdi2-5
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Eating like locals…juicy barbecqued kababs at Bade Miyan, Hyderabad.

I never feel like I’ve totally discovered the food scene in a city until I’ve hit up at least one roadside shack that’s a total hole-in-the-wall, where all the locals get their shawarmas in Dubai/cheesesteaks in Philly/vada pav in Mumbai/coffee … Continue reading

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My quest for the unreal deal, only at Mainland China in Hyderabad.

Yin and I were out on a quest for Indianized Chinese food in Hyderabad. We wanted the totally fake, totally bastardized deal where every dish had been modified to meet the standards of a crowd that’s grown up on dals and … Continue reading

garlic chutneys-1
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Dosas at Chutneys in Hyderabad

I love dosas. There’s something about how South Indians ladle out fermented rice and lentil batter and grill it up till brown and crispy that totally rocks my world. I love dosas in all their inifinite forms. The gigantic two … Continue reading