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A Trail of Crumbs: Diving into Traditional Bread Baskets across Dubai

Be it the pillowy pita or the raggedy injera, breaking bread across the many ethnic communities in Dubai is an incredible way of experiencing its melting pot – or heart-warming oven – of cultures. At this junction of the Middle East, Africa … Continue reading

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Popular Emirati dishes served up in a dusty overlooked corner of Qusais.

I escape the blinding rays of an urban desert sun and falter into the hushed, dimly lit restaurant. Dazed, burnt, colour-blind. A few faces hover around the waiting area, all men, one familiar, two unfamiliar peering out of a pitch-black kitchen window. … Continue reading

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Lebneh and jam, my new killer combo for late night munchies

Sushi with the lovely blogger behind Dubai-bites. An evening of Kashmiri chai and chatter at Tea JuncTion. And I still felt the need to swerve* off the road for more food last Thursday night, only for this beautifully irresistable creation… …a … Continue reading